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SLA September Newsletter--from our Food Service Provider!
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Wednesday, August 07, 2019
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SLA Parent Newsletter September 2019
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September 2019
We are thrilled that you’re here to read our September issue of the SLA Parent Newsletter! As we mentioned in the August issue, we will be sending this newsletter out to you once a month. We hope you continue to follow our Parent Newsletter each month and stay up-to-date on everything SLA!

For this issue, we’d like to expand upon our newest partnership in menu management and digital signage with Nutrislice. We are excited to move our SLA Café Hub® to this new, innovative platform that allows you to access all your custom school food program needs in one location!
Access your SLA Café Hub® the following two ways: Visit your school’s website or download the app.
Download Link for Apple iOS          Download Link for Android
Nutrislice Digital Signage

Students now get to view our menus in their SLA Café through Nutrslice’s digital signage platform. The same menu content and images displayed on your Café Hub’s menu are displayed on TVs in the majority of our cafés.

Nutrislice brings us closer to the communities we serve by providing an easier way to access everything your SLA Café has to offer, all in one convenient place.

Check out your school’s SLA Café Hub® on Nutrislice today!
Helping Your Child Succeed in School
Teach your child good organization skills.
These days, kids have a lot on their plate. School, volunteering, after-school programs and part-time jobs, homework, the list goes on and on. It’s very easy for your child to get overwhelmed. Teach them the vital life-long skill of organization. Establish a weekly schedule that includes all your child’s to do’s and put it on a calendar or planner that’s easy for them to follow.

Lead by example.
Children will do what we do, not always what we say. We can be the models we want our children to imitate. If we want to create a climate that makes children want to learn, we have to lead by example. Sharing our own enthusiasm for learning will motivate our children and show them that learning can be fun and rewarding.  

Celebrate your child’s achievements.
It’s important to recognize and celebrate your child’s achievements. Focusing on their strengths and the areas they perform well, will not only help their emotional development, but will also be another form of positivity that will encourage them to keep learning and striving towards success.

Encourage good health practices.
Our brains and bodies are connected so it’s safe to say that learning and health are connected. Make sure your child has a good diet, enough exercise, and proper sleep. All of these are vital to their success at school. Some ways you can do this include, limiting fast foods and sweets, balancing screen time with active time, and setting a regular family bedtime & wake time.
Marketing Hotspot
SLA's Marketing team loves finding NEW ways to inspire and enhance your child's visit to their Café! Every month we will be showcasing some of the new items we have in place for our students to enjoy!

Reach out to your SLA Café Manager to find out which promotions are being featured at your school this month!

Eating in your SLA Café Never Sounded Better!

SLA is excited to announce we will be taking the café dining experience to the next level! MUSIC is now being played at most of our cafés during breakfast and lunch. This fun addition was made because we want our students to have the most enjoyable dining experience possible, and music makes everything better!

Click on the video to check out our students' version of line dancing!
Need assistance?
Our Customer Service staff is available Monday through Friday, from 8:30am–5:00pm, local time.
Call us at 407-740-7677, or email us at online@slamgmt.com

Our mailing address is:
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