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Thank you, Community Foundation for Northeast Florida!
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Monday, October 15, 2018
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Involving both parents and schools in children’s education is key to a successful outcome! When the Community Foundation for Northeast Florida put out an RFP that focused on parent involvement in education, our GCS early learning team was right on it. With TCF’s funding behind us, we launched a Pre-Kindergarten STEM initiative that brought parents to school for evening STEM Camps. Pre-K future engineers and their parents constructed castles and houses that even the Big Bad Wolf couldn’t blow down! In classroom centers, the engaging STEM activities are the ones most frequently chosen by students. The outdoor Sensory Garden will continue to be a favorite place on the playground for students to be immersed in scents, texture, color, and catching butterflies! Thank you to TCF for opening this door of opportunity to our youngest students and their parents.


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