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Eagles SOAR to Success!
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Congrats to SOAR trophy winner, Mrs. Scott's first grade
Congrats to SOAR trophy winner, Mrs. Scott's first grade

Try to imagine our students as young adults looking back on their days at Guardian Catholic and thinking, “I remember that my [fifth] grade teacher really taught me the importance of [respect].” Christian values are at the core of Catholic education. One of the ways we foster these values is through the schoolwide Guidelines for Success. Guardian Catholic’s guidelines are represented by the acronym SOAR: S=Self Motivated; O=Optimistic; A=Act Responsibly; R=Respect God, Self and Others.

Each day teachers encourage students to instill these ideals within themselves, knowing that it takes more than academic content to ensure that students are not only successful at GCS , but will continue to be successful in high school as well as in life. Staff members are on the lookout for students living out the guidelines and give them a “feather” for exemplifying a SOAR trait. Every three weeks students look forward to the announcement …”And the SOAR Award goes to….!” Having accumulated the most feathers, these smiling students are the proud winners of the SOAR Award trophy. And in the meantime, students striving to claim the SOAR trophy next, are busy being self-motivated, optimistic, responsible, and respectful of God, self and others. Visit our school, and see if you notice!  


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