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Learning Commons

Learning Commons

Welcome to Guardian Catholic School's

Learning Commons!


The 2017-2018 school year brought us a new 21-century school building, a new school name, and joined two cherished schools into one dream.  The clean slate to design and construct a new school inspired us to take on the name Learning Commons for our new school library.  It is expected that it will take some getting used to hearing and referring to our library as the Learning Commons, but here is why we changed the name. 

A Learning Commons is a school learning community where learners can use the best resources and technologies to participate in active learning and collaborative thinking while building their personal expertise.  Our Learning Commons features technology rich spaces with flexible seating for large and small group collaboration or individual learning; areas for quiet reading, writing, and reflection; bookcases of books for leisure reading or research; and a future makerspace to include a Lego wall and supplies to create, build, make, and innovate.  Every student's future looks bright at Guardian Catholic School's Learning Commons!   


The mission of the Guardian Catholic School Learning Commons is to nurture young minds into critical thinkers with digital citizenship skills who develop a desire to be lifelong learners in the technological world by supplying diverse collections of enriching resources for informational needs and providing services that facilitate the learning and teaching needs of our students and teachers while supporting the Diocesan standards.


(scroll over Destiny and click it for access)

Destiny is our Learning Commons' online catalog where students, parents, and teachers can browse print and digital resources.  There are various ways to browse the catalog, but some interactive ways are Destiny Quest, Destiny Discover, and WebPath Express. Destiny is accessible via an iPad, other mobile devices, or a computer with Internet access, and the school issued iPads have apps for accessing Destiny Quest and our eBooks.  Students, teachers, and staff must login to their Destiny to access all the Learning Commons' collections.  WebPath Express is our school's search engine of choice with credible and relevant PreK-12 websites.  Visit Mrs. Rice's library blog, Reader's Corner, for tutorials to use Destiny and it's features (i.e Follett Shelf, WebPath Express), read library news, and lots more.  If you need help with your account login, email Mrs. Rice by clicking on the email link above.

Learning Commons Policies

Schedules: Students in grades 1-8 are scheduled for weekly media time to check out books, eBooks and/or magazines and are taught proper book and magazine care. Kindergarten has a set of books delivered each week to their classroom to borrow and they come to visit the Learning Commons on a flexible schedule.  Students in kindergarten are required to keep their library material at school at all times. Students in grades 1-8 are permitted to take their material(s) home and become solely responsible for the whereabouts of all materials once checked out in the student’s name. Students are also responsible for independent reading throughout the school year as part of a reading grade and for the Accelerated Reader (A.R.) program. Students in grades 2-8 are required to bring their Student Reading folder to the Learning Commons and log the books they are reading for A.R.  The folder's purpose is to hold a student accountable for achieving his or her independent reading goals for A.R. and allows the classroom teacher and Learning Commons staff to assist a student in selecting books that meet the current reading skills of the student. 

Loan Period for Books & Magazines:  Materials may be returned at any time.  If a student finishes reading a book before the next scheduled check out day, the student may ask the classroom teacher permission to go to the Learning Commons to exchange the book.  Materials available for check out are books, eBooks, and magazines.  Maximum Limit refers to the total amount of materials a student is permitted to borrow at one time.

Grade Level            Maximum Limit          Loan Period         Renewal
     K-2                           1*                              7 days                  1**
     3                               2*                              7 days                  1**
     4-8                            3*                              7 days                  1**

*Only (1) magazine and/or (1) eBook or audiobook may be checked out at a time.
**If there is a hold on a book, that book is not allowed to be renewed.
Holds: A hold is a request for an item to be pulled as soon as it is available and set it aside for the student who is next on the hold list for the item.  Holds should be requested by the student to a member of the Learning Commons staff and are on a first come first serve basis.  
Overdue Materials: Each student will be notified when he/she has an overdue material(s).  It is the responsibility of the student to return the overdue item(s) to the Learning Commons immediately or see a member of the Learning Commons staff with any concerns.  Overdue notices will be distributed in the GC Communicator.
Lost/Damaged Items: A student will be charged the replacement cost for any lost material(s).  Damaged materials will be accessed by the media specialist, and she will determine the cost for repair.  Learning Commons fine notices will be distributed in the GC Communicator.  The fine notice indicates the reason for the fine, the amount of the fine, and the due date for payment.  The amount of the fine will be invoiced to the student’s school bill immediately.  A student with a fine will not receive his/her report card until the fine has been paid in full.

**********          **********          **********

Our Learning Common's resources and literature are for all students and faculty to utilize.  Keep in mind that when books and magazines are damaged or lost, others cannot enjoy reading those materials like others before them.  If you have a fine, please pay it on time so the media specialist can replace the damaged or lost item immediately.  It is a privilege to borrow materials from our Learning Commons, and our staff wants all patrons to enjoy our many collections.  Please help us make that possible by demonstrating proper book care!


Symbaloo for Learning Commons

Click here to access Symbaloo Webmix for our Learning Commons.  Check it out for easy access to Web resources for reading, STEAM, Coding, learning games, and research.