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Our Mission

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Guided by our Christian Faith, we the Holy Rosary Catholic School community will pursue success in education and in life. We will strengthen our minds, bodies, and spirits to help build a holy and just society.


We Believe: 

·   Education is a collaborative effort and the shared responsibility of parents, students, school, and community.

·   Each person possesses a God given dignity that is to be respected by all.

·   The celebration and teaching of the Catholic faith and traditions are integral to Catholic education.

·   Prayer, worship, and service to others are essential for spiritual growth.

·   Moral education is an integral part of forming persons to live in a global world.

·   The teaching and values of Jesus are integrated in all aspects of education.

·   Research based practices are essential for developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

·   The Foundations approach to school-wide responsibility and discipline is our way to achieve a safe and civil school environment.

·   It is the role of the faculty and staff to create a learning environment that is responsive to the individual needs of students.

·   On-going communication in a welcoming atmosphere leads to relationships that strengthen unity and community.